Screenshot for – For all your secret spiritual herb and spice needs

Summary: is a business website set in the television universe of Supernatural

Show & Episode :

Supernatural – Repo Man (S07E15)

Context :

Sam and Dean come back to help Nora Havelock when a demon they exorcised 4 years ago seemingly returns. While visiting the brick and mortar portion of her business,, a banner is displayed with the URL. According to her, the site is “White Magic Only, herbs and talismans”.

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Breakdown :

The Domain

WHOIS shows the domain is currently registered by Warner Bros. Entertainment, and is not currently directed to a website or page.

Not a lot to tell on this one, I suppose it makes sense in the context of the scene in that Nora runs an online business and it would make sense to display the URL. As a business and domain name, Wiccan’s Web works for the character because spiders and spider webs are both symbols of the Wicca belief system.

But they really could have cut away to show a mockup of the site for a few seconds to reinforce that it was an online business instead of a banner. It’s entirely possible that was the original intention, but they ran out of time or money.


  • Kristin Williams

    Nora Havelock it’s me Kristin Williams the demon is back here in Phoenix Arizona where I am I have the Sulphuric Smell and I have something really powerful Green and white Glass is underneath my bed the Demon as been attacking me.

  • Kristin Williams

    Hello Nora Havelock it’s me Kristin Williams I know what happened with Jeffery and I think before I act that jeffery’s demon is back I have the smell of Sulphur also.