UploadedHistory.com – The Good Wife

How UploadedHistory.com is used in The Good Wife:

Setting the premise, the first episode [S01E01] of The Good Wife opens on a closeup of a couple’s held hands as they make their way down a hallway to a room of shouted questions and camera flashes. Letting go of her husband’s hand but still symbolically standing by him near the podium, Alicia plays the ‘Good Wife’ part during her husband’s press announcement where he admits to extra marital affairs and attempts to maintain his political career. After the conference is over and out of the public eye, she resoundingly slaps him.

Six months later, with her husband officially in custody and out of office as Illinois State Attorney for Cook County, Alicia is starting a new job as a junior attorney at a law firm where the memory continues to haunt her in the form of a  video of the conference playing on a co-workers computer via YouTube clone UploadedHistory.com under the heading “State Attorney Peter Florrick: Caught With His Pants Down”

How UploadedHistory.com is used online:

UploadedHistory.com had been registered by the show’s producers a couple of months prior to the original air date of this episode, however it was not pointed to a website at the time of air.

Use of this domain is subject to change, current information about UploadedHistory.com can be found via the 3rd party links in the Reference section below.