TattleCrime.com – Murder is a felony, but tattling’s only a misdemeanor [CAUTION]

You’d think having an overactive imagination and being surrounded by psycho killers would be bad enough. But no. Will Graham has an additional nemesis in TattleCrime.com

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Used throughout the series to date, TattleCrime.com is a tabloid type crime blog that provide an sensationalist perspective on the main characters and the crimes they’re investigating, and a different type of adversary in the form of Freddie Lounds and her website.

Aperitif (S01E01)

As the newest member of a team put together to solve a series of brutal murders, psychiatry consultant Dr. Hannibal Lector asks if there were any confessions to the latest murder. FBI special agent Jack Crawford responds that they received dozens, but none with collaborating details until a local police officer took pictures of the body on his cell phone to show friends that eventually made their way to the website of reporter Freddie Lounds at TattleCrime.com.

First screenshot of TattleCrime.com
Don’t be Tattlin

Amuse-Bouche (S01E02)

After FBI special agent Jack Crawford and consultant Will Graham go through the hunting cabin of the killer known as the Minnesota Shrike looking for clues to his copycat and/or possible accomplishes, they notice a hair indicating that someone else has been at the crime scene. The scene cuts to a woman importing photos into her computer and using one for her latest post on the Minnesota Shrike on TattleCrime.com.

Second screenshot of TattleCrime.com
Or the worst Better Homes and Gardens ever

Later in the episode, the reporter visits the crime scene of a different killer where she asks about Will Graham. The posts she writes to TattleCrime.com manage to both call Graham a fellow psychopath while alerting the latest killer that the FBI are closer than he thinks.

Third screenshot of TattleCrime.com
Must supply own gloves and shovel

Potage (S01e03)

Freddie Lounds goes to visit the daughter of the killer known as the Minnesota Shrike. While there, she tells the daughter not to trust FBI consultant Will Graham as he and Hannibal Lector arrive and toss her out. When they meet afterwards, Will tells Freddie that it’s not a good idea to piss off someone who thinks about killing for a living, a quote that makes its way into her next post.

Fourth screenshot of TattleCrime.com
You know what they say: One Shrike in the hand, Two in the bush.


Like characters within the show itself, visitors should use caution in visiting TattleCrime.com as it appears to be registered to a private individual who MAY not be associated with the show. I say MAY because as the examples above show the domain name is very tied into the show and the timing of the registration last year would seem to indicate the intention, but I would normally see a corporate registrant like General Electric associated with the domain and the WHOIS for this domain shows a regular hosting company.

It’s also entirely possible that the domain was registered by a writer to cultivate this exact type of mystique around the site. The domain name is not currently pointed to a site which is definitely a waste, but there may be a reveal yet to come. Stay tuned.

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  • Sam

    This is a fantastic site and article. Would you assume that that the fake Tattlecrime site, from the screenshot the production team gave, would have been designed and kept up by Freddie Lounds herself, or that it is run by someone else (or even a company)?

    • Grim

      Seems like it would be run by a national inquirer type tabloid organization.

      • Sam

        Thank you!