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Swag4Mommy.com on The Blacklist

Swag4Mommy.com used in The Blacklist

In Alistair Pitt [S03E13], Elizabeth Keen is struggling with her new pregnancy and the decision of whether to keep her baby or give it up for adoption in the face of the dangerous life she leads and her connections to criminal mastermind Raymond Reddington.

Unaware of her Liz’s maternal ambivalence, her fellow FBI task force member / former Massad agent / self-declared Jewish mother Samar Navabi insists on throwing her a baby shower. When Liz reveals that she hasn’t registered anywhere for baby gifts, Samar tells her to go to Swag4Mommy.com post-haste.

The website is briefly given, but otherwise not shown in the episode.

Screenshot for Swag4Mommy.com
Screenshot for Swag4Mommy.com

Used Online:

This domain appeared to be registered by the show’s producers (Sony) prior to the air date of the episode where it first appeared, but wasn’t used in relation to the show and instead was pointed to the official website for Sony Pictures at http://www.sonypictures.com/.

Current information about the domain can be found via the 3rd party links below, visitors should always use due caution when visiting any website.

NOTE:  SwagFORMommy.com was registered by a private individual the day after the episode aired, and is likewise unaffiliated with the show.


Slap Countdown.com | The SlapBet Countdown.com – How I Met Your Mother [Multiple]

After losing a bet where he claimed that Robin’s aversion to malls was due to performing Canadian sex acts on film instead of her status as a minor 80’s music icon in her home country, Barney owes five slaps at a time of his choosing to Marshall [Slap Bet – S02E09]. Dishing them out in unexpected bursts after the bet winner has been announced and again after Barney puts on a play the one put on by Lily [Stuff – S02E16], the slaps aren’t mentioned again until the start of the third season, where the first episode ends with Marshall calling Barney and sending him an email link to a countdown clock located at SlapCountdown.com [Wait for It – S03E01].

Eight episodes later, the slow burn pays off in Slapsgiving [S03E09]. with Barney’s anxiety coming to a head during Marshall’s substitution of ‘Slapsgiving’ for ‘Thanksgiving’ during the conversation of the upcoming holiday and the revelation that it’s his invention, a new holiday where friends come together and give slaps instead of thanks.

The day of, Marshall continues to needle Barney with slap reminders, which along with Ted and Robin’s relationship relapse awkwardness threatens to derail Lily’s American Thanksgiving. After Marshall goes too far, Lily uses her power as Slap Bet commissioner to declare Thanksgiving as a day of peace and no slap zone. But as the countdown approaches zero and Barney’s taunting threatens the conclusion of their first Thanksgiving together as a married couple, Lily gives in and allows Marshall his epic slap. Knocking Barney across the room, Marshall goes to the piano and invites the dinner guests to listen to the song he created for the occasion – You Just Got Slapped. Thus concluding the 3rd slap in the bet, and the first Slapsgiving of the series.

Although Slapsgiving appears again twice in subsequent seasons (Slapsgiving 2: Revenge of the Slap [S05E09] and Slapsgiving 3: Slappointment in Slapmara [S09E14] with a very special appearance of Boyz II Men, the domain SlapCountdown.com does not appear again IN THE SHOW (more below) with the slap bet series concluding towards the end of the final season in The End of the Aisle [S09E22] where Marshall uses his last slap to dispel Barney’s last minute wedding jitters. And in the end, isn’t it all about friendship, love, and slaps?

Screenshots for SlapCountdown.com
Not Pictured: Jack Bauer

Real Life Use:

According to archived screenshots (see Reference), in the days leading up to the Slapsgiving episode, SlapCountdown.com was pointed to a site identical to how it was presented in the show: a plain black background with a countdown in
# Days   # Hours : # Minutes : # Seconds
format. But immediately after the air date and days before Thanksgiving itself, it was redirected to the official YouTube page for the show, with the ‘You Just Got Slapped’ video as the very first result.

The domain registration lapsed the following year and was registered by a How I Met Your Mother fan club where it stayed for a couple of years before it was used by a design firm and then registered by another private individual and pointed to a parking page set up by their registrar.

This appears to have been a mistake by the show, as their official show production Twitter account @HIMYMProd posted a tweet about their new domain TheSlapBetCountdown.com during season 7 just prior to the episode Disaster Averted [S07E09] where Barney adds three new slaps to his running total in order to free himself from the consequences of another bet – wearing a ducky tie.

After that episode, the countdown seems to have been dormant until being reactivated for the final Slapsgiving episode (Slapsgiving 3: Slappointment in Slapmara), and a countdown to the final slap of the series with the heading “One More…”

As always, information about these domains may change at any time and visitors should use caution when visiting them. Current information about both domains is available via the 3rd party links below.

In the meantime, enjoy the episodes related to these domains, and this November, have a happy Slapsgiving!


Knope2012.com – Parks and Recreation [Multiple]

In season four of Parks and Recreation, Leslie Knope takes a shot at fulfilling a lifelong ambition, running for political office to become the newest city councilperson of Pawnee, IN. But that chance is clouded by the need to hide her new relationship with co-worker and civics nerd Ben Wyatt in violation of city rules. Deciding to go public, Leslie’s race for office is put into serious jeopardy when the resulting ethics investigation costs Ben his job, lowers Leslie’s poll numbers down to 1%, and causes her professional political consultants to jump ship. Luckily, Leslie’s co-workers and friends save the campaign by volunteering to be the core of her staff, with Ben as her campaign manager.

As the race continues, Leslie finds it increasingly difficult to juggle her current duties as deputy director of the Parks and Recreation department with the demands of running a full time political campaign. Things come to a head in the episode Sweet Sixteen [S04E16], with Leslie resisting Ron’s demands that she take a leave of absence while simultaneously planning a ‘Sweet Sixteen’ birthday party for leap year born co-worker Jerry and dealing with misprinted campaign lawn signs that have the long URL to her sign graphic printed in large black letters on a white background, and the actual graphic limited to a small corner. This is the first time that Knope2012.com is shown, with the domain included in campaign materials shown throughout the remaining season including on the side of a campaign bus that crashes the wake / press conference of her opponent’s father.

Fun Fact: This URL was once active on the site as well, it no longer comes up but fans can still see the full sign image on Archive.org.

Real Life Use:

More than a single one page brochure site or simple mock-up with staff bios, the Parks and Recreation producers had a full campaign site made that evolved over the entirety of Knope’s campaign.

Starting months before Knope2012.com officially appears on-screen, Archive.org shows the domain launching alongside the start of season 4 premiere I’m Leslie Knope [S04E01] with the political equivalent of a placeholder page containing Leslie’s campaign photo, announcement statement, logo, and link to a ‘Support’ page where visitors could purchase campaign swag. The day after the episode aired, the official Parks and Recreation account tweeted an announcement about the site to fans, although the site remained relatively static until shortly before the airing of The Comeback Kid [S04E11], where the campaign and the website both really kick into high gear.

With press releases that detail the events before and after the campaign kick-off featured in the The Comeback Kid, the site kept pace with the season with campaign updates on a bowling alley meet and greet [S04E13], high profile endorsements [S04E15], issues such as senior citizen ramps [S04E17], the candidate debate [S04E20], and final Get Out The Vote bus tour [S04E21].

Going further into a full multimedia endeavor, the site also includes an embedded campaign ad video (no longer working from the site but viewable here), media kit with shareable images and PDF signs, and an downloadable MP3 of the campaign theme song sung by Mouse Rat’s Andy Dwyer (Chris Pratt) and featuring Duke Silver (Nick Offerman) on sax.

Although there is a bit of foreshadowing to a season five plot involving emergency preparedness, site updates conclude with the end of Leslie’s campaign and season four with last items consisting of a upbeat letter to supporters in the news section and a bittersweet request for suggestions via slideshow to start her term.

As of 09/17/2015, NBC still maintains the site although that can change at any time. Current information about Knope2012.com can be found via the 3rd party reference links below. Thanks for reading, and never forget to Catch Your Dream.


HoosierMate.com – Parks and Recreation [S03E10]

Feeling romantically rejected by fellow civics nerd and co-worker Ben in the episode Soulmates [S03E10], Leslie Knope spills her sorrows to best friend Ann who attempts to comfort her by getting her back on the proverbial horse with dating site HoosierMate.com. Describing herself as a yellow haired woman into waffles, news, organizers and government murals; Ann helps wordsmith Leslie’s profile to find someone compatible. But when it results in a 98% soulmate level match, Leslie overcomes her reluctance only discover her not-so-suitable suitor – effeminate and womanizing office mate Tom Haverford.

Determined to discover the cause of her romantic mismatch, Leslie invites Tom to lunch to grill him on compatibility points before revealing their HoosierMate match. Tom is amused by the situation and revels in teasing her about their impending union until she shuts him up with a kiss caught by their boss, city manager Chris Traeger. Warned by Chris about violating city policies on workplace dating, Leslie realizes this was the real reason Ben stayed away from her, and she cancels her membership to the site.

Screenshot of HoosierMate.com
Seriously, you’re 50% of our customers…

Real Life Use:

Currently redirected to the official show page on the NBC network site, the earliest snapshot of the domain on Archive.org was taken shortly after the initial air date, and contains a version of the website shown in the episode. With its Valentine Day color palate, Cupid adorned logo, faded stock photos of couples, and heart-lined borders, the design is simple but effectively conveys the nature of the site.

Starting with a short bio of the site and its founder, the homepage quickly ties into the episode with its featured match at the bottom of the page – Leslie and Tom. From there, visitors can click the profile buttons or the ‘Mates’ link in the top navigation to view the full profile page for each matchee. Unfortunately, the designers missed an opportunity to have fun with profiles for the rest of the cast (Donna Meagle’s would have been epic!), and clicking the ‘View Next Profile’ button on each just switches between the two. There is a defunct ‘Join Free’ sign-up page, but the form is disabled in the archived version and the ‘Account’ link prompts users to sign-up before proceeding. I was unable to find additional information on how those pages functioned, if you visited the site during the time it was initially active and have more information, please drop a note in the comments below.

Although currently affiliated with Parks and Recreation, this domain is subject to change. Current information about the domain can be found via the 3rd party links below.


LegalPokerAruba.com – How I Met Your Mother [S09E05]

The extended wedding weekend that makes up season 9 of How I Met Your Mother is well underway by the time we get to episode 5, The Poker Game, containing the first website easter egg of the season and last of the series – LegalPokerAruba.com.


Introduced in the last episode, the bro-only poker game organized by best man Ted in Barney’s hotel room now includes Robin in the mix who adds expert poker player to her cigar smoking, whiskey drinking, hockey loving bro-dentials. The bride-to-be holds her own in a game that includes Project Runway’s Tim Gunn, The Karate Kid’s Billy Zabka, and obvious online poker pro Ranjit in full attire that includes indoor sunglasses, over sized headphones, and a trucker cap with the URL of poker site LegalPokerAruba.com.

Still, the game is fairly casual until Barney’s brother James, bitter over his own failed marriage, repeatedly insists on sprouting snarky asides about the institution of marriage in front of his matrimony bound fellow players. Annoyed, Robin makes a ‘Put Up or Shut Up’ move by betting her wedding ring and challenging James to do the same if he really doesn’t care about marriage. Backed into a corner, James accepts and subsequently loses his ring. Barney gamely attempts to get the ring back, but with her pride still hurt and feeling like Barney is choosing his family over her, Robin holds on to the ring until James brings in the big guns – his mother.

Tsk tsk Ranjit...those headphones clearly clash.
Tsk tsk Ranjit…those headphones clearly clash.

Real Life Use:

While the appearance of LegalPokerAruba.com is low-key in keeping with previous HIMYM websites, the network itself drew attention to it during the initial airing with a pop-up promo repeating the URL and directing viewers to the site. Taking viewers as it did outside of the episode, one wonders if the promo was done with the show producers blessing, or if the approval was more grudging in nature. Regardless, the show’s online designer team did themselves proud by pointing the domain to a full “Under Construction” promotional mockup of an off-shore gambling haven created by web magnate Barney Stinson (see also StinsonBreastReduction.com, LinsonBreastLawsuit.com, and BroBibs.com). The bro-chure site (see what I did there?) includes testimony from Barney’s fellow poker players and descriptions of poker game variations such as online strip poker and Barney favorite Xing Hai Shi Bu Xing.

Unfortunately, while the domain is still registered to 20th Century Fox, the site itself is no longer active. Archive.org’s last snapshot of the site took place in December 2014, and it doesn’t appear with the other HIMYM sites in the official How I Met Your Mother archive website. The domain itself is subject to change, but you can still view the archived version of the site and current information about the domain in the Archive.org and other links in the reference section below.


SaveWalterWhite.com – Breaking Bad [Multiple]

An earnest attempt to raise awareness and funds for cancer relief goes awry in the show Breaking Bad and in real life, both at SaveWalterWhite.com.

In Phoenix [S02E12], Walter White Jr’s family is facing growing expenses in the form of his new baby sister and his father’s medical bills. Unaware of his father’s profitable side business, he decides to contribute by creating a simple and heartfelt plea for help at SaveWalterWhite.com to ask the Internet for donations. Meanwhile, Walt Sr. has money from a huge meth deal but can’t spend it without raising questions. Going through options with his lawyer Saul Goodman, Walt Sr. vents about his family resorting to cyber-begging when Goodman looks at the site and sees it as an excellent opportunity to launder White’s ill-gotten gains.

In ABQ [S02E13], Saul’s strategy is put into play as Walt Jr. calls his parents into his room where the “donations” are rolling into the site. Walter Senior inwardly seethes as his wife and son’s attention and excitement keep pace with the rapidly growing tally on the site, and having to maintain yet another lie that adds to a house of cards that collapses by the end of the episode.

Screenshot of SaveWalterWhite.com
Standing on cyber street corners with cyber cups…

Real Life Use:

Similar to the series it came from, SaveWalterWhite.com has a cancer-related connection to drama.  Registered by the show’s producers during pre-production, by the time the Phoenix episode aired they had a fully realized version of the site seen on-screen live at SaveWalterWhite.com. However, instead of being pointed to PayPal and used to launder ill-gotten meth money, the Donate button linked to the National Cancer Coalition website which  raised over $125,000 directly through the site from well meaning fans.

Unfortunately, in August 2013 the producers removed the link after the organization ranked 21st in a national  study listing America’s worst charities, with the percentage spent in fundraising costs far exceeding most other charities. The donation button was kept, but the link was updated to go directly to the Breaking Bad show page on the main AMC website.

The site is still live, but use of this domain is subject to change. Up to the moment information about SaveWalterWhite.com can be found via the 3rd party links in the Reference section below.



Hooli.xyz – Silicon Valley [S02E04]

In ‘The Lady’ [S02E04], Hooli chief executive Gavin Belson puts his scheme to falsely inflate the abilities and reputation of lackluster employee Nelson ‘Baghead’ Bighelli into play as part of thier ownership lawsuit against Pied Piper.

Holding a conference to announce their experimental project division Hooli.xyz, Belson brings up Davis Bannerchek: Roboticist, NASA board member, entrepreneur and overall tech visionary and gives him the title of ‘Head Dreamer’. He then brings up Nelson ‘Baghead’ Bighelli as ‘co-head dreamer’ who also has qualifications as a Hooli employee and  ‘co-founder of Pied Piper’, to the confusion of Bannerchek.

Ahem. It's pronounced 'BigHead'.
Ahem. It’s pronounced ‘BigHead’.

Real Life Use:

Hooli.xyz was registered by the show’s procedures during pre-production, and as of the premiere (05/03/15) was pointing to a website that fully fleshes out the comedic premise of the conference with inspirational quotes, hyperbolic aspirations, and comparative biographies between the two co-head dreamers that further sets up the conflict between the two and highlights the absurdity of the scheme.

While this site and domain are likely to be up and associated with the show for some time, as always it is subject to change. Up to date information about Hoolii.xyz can be found via the 3rd party links in the Reference section below.


Dorks-Gone-Wild.com – The Simpsons [S16E08]

In ‘Homer and Ned’s Hail Mary Pass’ [S16E08], Ned Flanders captures Homer’s humiliating dance antics on video at a local charity fair. When Comic Book Guy aka Jeff Albertson (trivia alert!) asks if he can post it to his website. Ned agrees, and later at his school’s computer lab, Bart’s classmates find the video posted under the title ‘Big-Ass Baryshnikov’ on Dorks-Gone-Wild.com where it quickly goes viral.

Humiliated at first, Homer is able to cash in on the video’s popularity when athletes ask to buy the rights to his dances for scoring celebrations.

As long as he keeps the shirt on, I'm OK with the domain.
As long as he keeps the shirt on, I’m OK with the domain.


Real Life Use:

Dorks-Gone-Wild.com was registered by the show’s producers prior to the air date, and was used to point to a version of the site shown in the episode according to Archive.org screenshots (below). However, it no longer appears to be in use.

Use of this domain is subject to change, current information about Dorks-Gone-Wild.com can be found via the 3rd party links in the Reference section below.


MyTube.com – The Simpsons [S24E09]

In the episode Homer Goes To Prep School [S24E09], a traumatic incident at a children’s gym leads Homer to embrace the disaster prepper lifestyle. His inattention on the job at the nuclear plant while watching survival videos on streaming site MyTube.com causes an EMP that accelerates his apocalyptic paranoia and leads the Simpson to a prepper camp where they question their place and morals at the end of the world.

MyTube.com - Remember to plunge your cow before eating
MyTube.com – Remember to plunge your cow before eating


Real Life Use:

MyTube.com was already registered by a private individual or company prior to the air date of the episode, and is not affiliated with the show in any way. Show fans should exercise EXTREME caution when visiting this or any other 3rd party website/domain.

Use of this domain is subject to change, current information about MyTube.com can be found via the 3rd party links in the Reference section below.


BuyThisTreasure.com – Dexter [Multiple]

BuyThisTreasure.com is an auction site/Ebay clone used in Dexter to sell police evidence, the examples below feature the full domain.

In the episode A Horse of a Different Color [S06E04], a “collector” calls Miami PD forensic analyst Vince Masuka to confirm the authenticity of a prosthetic hand used by the Ice Truck Killer currently for sale. Puzzled then frantic because it’s supposed to be in police evidence, Vince goes to auction site BuyThisTreasure.com to confirm and buy it. Unfortunately, the hand is sniped by another buyer at the last minute. Sold by Rollergurl185, he immediately deduces that the seller is his attractive intern, who confirms that she took and sold the hand to make money. Firing her, Masuka still needs to come up with a way of getting the hand back.

Prosthetic hand used by the Ice Truck Killer for sale on BuyThisTreasure.com
Prosthetic hand used by the Ice Truck Killer for sale on BuyThisTreasure.com

In the episode The Angel of Death [S06E05], Vince Masuka enlists the help of his new intern Louis Green who has a reputation as being good with computers and shows him the completed auction on BuyThisTreasure.com. After Masuka explains what could happen to the department’s reputation and his job if the theft and sale is discovered, Greene offers his skills to try to make the problem ‘go away’, not telling Masuka that he’s the collector that purchased the hand to add to his collection.

BuyThisTreasure.com post-auction of the hand used in the Ice Truck Killer case
BuyThisTreasure.com post-auction of the hand used in the Ice Truck Killer case

Real Life Use:

BuyThisTreasure.com was registered by the show’s producers a couple of months prior to the original air date of this episode and pointed to a functional front-end mockup of the BuyThisTreasure.com website with items for sale by Rollergurl185 who is apparently still having trouble with her rent. Not the prosthetic hand since that was sold (duh!), but clicking on other items with such as shirts, posters, and a “thumb” drive adds those items to your shopping cart in the official Showtime store page.

Use of this domain is subject to change, current information about BuyThisTreasure.com can be found via the 3rd party links in the Reference section below.


Beginning-Of-The-End.com – Dexter [Multiple]

Beginning-Of-The-End.com is the personal and professional website of Professor Geller, a source of information on a series of end times themed murders and ultimate suspect. The website is used in several places in season six of Dexter, the examples below are from when the site domain was clearly visible.

In the episode A Horse of a Different Color [S06E04], a series of apocalypse-themed murders has the Miami homicide squad looking for leads in the Book of Revelations. After a preacher interviewed by Detectives Quinn and Batista refers them to Revelations expert Professor James Geller, detective Allen mentions that he also found the professor during a Google search for ‘Revelations Expert’ and brings up Geller’s site Beginning-Of-The-End.com.

Professor Geller's apocalyptic homepage
The world is ending, so say we all.

In the episode Get Geller [S06E09], Dexter is after Professor Geller after finding his cohort Travis Marshall who convinced him that Geller was the one that actually killed their victims. Meeting to compare notes , Dexter mentions to Travis that the Professor updated his blog. Travis immediately opens Beginning-Of-The-End.com, where there’s a message from Geller to Marshall telling him not to follow false profits, meaning Dexter himself.

Professor Geller sends a warning in a post on Beginning-Of-The-End.com
Professor Geller sends a warning in a post on Beginning-Of-The-End.com

Real Life Use:

Beginning-Of-The-End.com was registered by the show’s producers a couple of months prior to the original air date of this episode and went briefly to an empty Tumblr page before being redirected to Dexter’s “Kill Room” on the Showtime network’s official Dexter site.

Use of this domain is subject to change, current information about Beginning-Of-The-End.com can be found via the 3rd party links in the Reference section below.


FlyQuik.com – Dexter [S07E01]

In the episode Are You…? [S07E01], Dexter is desperately in the need of a kill to satisfy his dark passenger after recent revelations involving his sister Deborah. Searching the apartment of a Russian gangster responsible for the brutal murder of a Miami stripper, he finds a laptop with FlyQuik.com still open in the browser. Showing an order confirmation for a ticket to the Ukraine leaving in less than two hours, that gives Dexter plenty of time to set a trap…


Flight confirmation in FlyQuik.com for the next victim
Flight confirmation in FlyQuik.com for the next victim

Real Life Use:

FlyQuik.com was registered by the show’s producers a couple of months prior to the original air date of this episode and pointed to the official Dexter page on the main Showtime network website.

Use of this domain is subject to change, current information about FlyQuik.com can be found via the 3rd party links in the Reference section below.