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TheUSConservatives.org [Supernatural]

In The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo [S7E20], an automated email sent from the stolen hard drive of a murdered techie ally alerts the Winchester brothers that all the information he had on them is about to fall into the hands of Richard Roman, an evil Leviathan intent on taking over the human race to rule and devour.

The Winchesters find the location of the missing hard drive, and soon recruit unlikely ally Charlie Bradbury, a hacker with a heart of gold who works at Richard Roman Enterprises and is introduced using the company resources to break into political conservative website TheUSConservatives.org to transfer money from it to environmental organization Animal Lovers and Lovers of the Planet.

The episodes shows TheUSConservatives.org on the initial website, and the shorter USConservatives.org in the money transfer confirmation.

TheUSConservatives.org website
TheUSConservatives.org website on Charlie’s screen


Shorter domain USConservatives.org in transfer confirmation

Real Life Use:

At the original air date, neither TheUSConservatives.org or USConservatives.org appear to have been registered or used by the show Supernatural.

HellHoundsLair.com – One hell of a dog house

Show & Episode:
Supernatural – Hell House (S01E17)

When investigating a series of murders in a seemingly haunted abandoned cabin, Sam and Dean run into a pair of paranormal investigators. The investigators run a website called HellHoundsLair.com, which contains reports of paranormal instances.

Screenshot for HellHounsLair.com
Also known as my first apartment.

Site Review:
WHOIS shows the domain is currently registered by Warner Bros. Entertainment. According to Archive.org, it used to point to a website similar to the one displayed in the episode. There wasn’t a forum, but it did contain links to a number of legends and the ability supposedly to submit your own stories.

The domain has since been redirected to point to the official CW network website.


[CAUTION] – FlooredByTheLord.com – God’s glory in blog format

Show & Episode:
Supernatural – Death Takes a Holiday (S04E15)

While investigating the lack of deaths in a small Wyoming town, Sam and Dean pose as bloggers from flooredbythelord.com while interviewing a mugging victim that was shot without dying. Dean gives the tagline of the site as “All of God’s glory fit to blog”

I think God’s more of a wiki person myself.

URL Review:

* [CAUTION] added to title because the domain isn’t owned by the show production or parent company.

A WHOIS search shows the domain is currently registered by an individual in Australia, and is used as a link farm to gather advertising hits. Avoid. The original air date of the episode was March 12, 2009; while the most recent registration of the domain started on October 05, 2011. It’s unclear whether the domain was originally registered by Warner Bros. Entertainment and they let it lapse, or if it was registered to someone else. Archive.org does show an instance of the website one week after airing on March 16, 2009 that shows an under construction page, but there aren’t any further instances so I’m guessing someone registered the domain after seeing the episode and then didn’t do anything with it until it was released and the current owner grabbed it.


[CAUTION] – BouncingBabyNames.com / BouncyBabyNames.com – For all your amnesiac naming needs

Show & Episode:
Supernatural – The Born-Again Identity (S7E17)

Context :
When his brother Sam is institutionalized for hallucinations involving Lucifer, Dean Winchester searches for a healer that can restore his fractured psyche. After a referral from a fellow hunter, Dean goes to Colorado to pick up a healer with amnesia named Emanuel, who may or may not be his former angelic ally Castiel.

On the ride back to Sam, Dean and Emanuel discuss the extent of Emanuel’s memory loss and how he was found by his wife Daphne. When asked how Emanuel got his name, he replies “BouncingBabynames.com” OR “BouncyBabyNames.com”. And that seems to be a point of confusion…

Screenshot for BouncyBabyNames.com
You say “Bouncy”, I say “Bouncing”.

URL Review :

* [CAUTION] added to title because the domain isn’t owned by the show production or parent company.

When I first saw this episode, I heard “BouncingBabyNames.com” in the context above, and followed up on that domain. The WHOIS showed that it wasn’t registered by the show’s producers Warner Bros. which is usually a red flag that the site might be completely unrelated to the show and I should be careful. After a quick search, it appeared that the domain was in fact associated with the actor playing Emanuel/Castiel – Misha Collins. It currently redirects to a test folder/page for a project the actor is involved in at greatestinternationalscavengerhunttheworldhaseverseen.com, which looks pretty cool and worth checking out. Awesome! Quick site gags redirecting to interesting and fun websites instead of resolving to nothing is something I highly support here, even if they go to locked down test pages.

HOWEVER, for screenshots involving URLs without an on-screen website, I like to include the closed captions to provide more context for the commentary (fairusefairusefairuse.) And the closed caption clearly says BOUNCYbabynames.com. Another quick search showed that viewers also agreed with that version. WHOIS for that domain shows the same registrar and the same registration date, but entering it into the browser results in a far more mundane redirect into the waiting arms of Danica Patrick at GoDaddy.com.

After several listens, I still think Misha Collins says BOUNCING and not BOUNCY, but I may be biased towards the cooler outcome and in the end it looks like the producers allowed Mr. Collins to register both. I wish they’d both been redirected to his site, but considering that most of the time domains aren’t pointed to anything at all, I appreciate the effort. And it’s instances like this that made me start this blog in the first place. Overall, a lot of whimsy and discovery squeezed into a 2-second joke.

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