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BooksFromBeyond.com – For all your Necronomicon needs

The Necronomicon rears its human-skinned book cover head in Ash’s life again, and he turns to supernatural bookstore BooksFromBeyond.com to help him find out its secrets.

Used in Ash vs Evil Dead

In the pilot episode El Jefe [S01E01], Ash has a bar bathroom encounter with a Deadite that he thinks may have been triggered by the Necronomicon – Book of the Dead. Going back to his trailer to make sure he still has it, a baggie with leftover weed remnants jogs a memory of a drug fueled attempt to woo a woman by reading foreign sounding ‘poetry’ from the book, and he realizes that he’s responsible for releasing the demonic creatures on Earth.

Preparing to leave town the next morning, Ash digs out a business card covered in supernatural symbols for the bookstore Books From Beyond, and turns it over to reveal the store’s info including the domain  BooksFromBeyond.com. Calling the number, Ash mentions bringing in the book years ago “bound in human flesh, inked in blood” and asks for help translating it. The owner agrees, and Ash starts his journey to the bookstore with companions and Deadites in tow.

BooksFromBeyond Screenshot
BooksFromBeyond.com Screenshot

Used Online:

It appears that BooksFromBeyond.com was registered by the producers, but was not pointed to the site at the time the pilot episode aired and does not appear to be in use at the time of this writing.