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Slap Countdown.com | The SlapBet Countdown.com – How I Met Your Mother [Multiple]

After losing a bet where he claimed that Robin’s aversion to malls was due to performing Canadian sex acts on film instead of her status as a minor 80’s music icon in her home country, Barney owes five slaps at a time of his choosing to Marshall [Slap Bet – S02E09]. Dishing them out in unexpected bursts after the bet winner has been announced and again after Barney puts on a play the one put on by Lily [Stuff – S02E16], the slaps aren’t mentioned again until the start of the third season, where the first episode ends with Marshall calling Barney and sending him an email link to a countdown clock located at SlapCountdown.com [Wait for It – S03E01].

Eight episodes later, the slow burn pays off in Slapsgiving [S03E09]. with Barney’s anxiety coming to a head during Marshall’s substitution of ‘Slapsgiving’ for ‘Thanksgiving’ during the conversation of the upcoming holiday and the revelation that it’s his invention, a new holiday where friends come together and give slaps instead of thanks.

The day of, Marshall continues to needle Barney with slap reminders, which along with Ted and Robin’s relationship relapse awkwardness threatens to derail Lily’s American Thanksgiving. After Marshall goes too far, Lily uses her power as Slap Bet commissioner to declare Thanksgiving as a day of peace and no slap zone. But as the countdown approaches zero and Barney’s taunting threatens the conclusion of their first Thanksgiving together as a married couple, Lily gives in and allows Marshall his epic slap. Knocking Barney across the room, Marshall goes to the piano and invites the dinner guests to listen to the song he created for the occasion – You Just Got Slapped. Thus concluding the 3rd slap in the bet, and the first Slapsgiving of the series.

Although Slapsgiving appears again twice in subsequent seasons (Slapsgiving 2: Revenge of the Slap [S05E09] and Slapsgiving 3: Slappointment in Slapmara [S09E14] with a very special appearance of Boyz II Men, the domain SlapCountdown.com does not appear again IN THE SHOW (more below) with the slap bet series concluding towards the end of the final season in The End of the Aisle [S09E22] where Marshall uses his last slap to dispel Barney’s last minute wedding jitters. And in the end, isn’t it all about friendship, love, and slaps?

Screenshots for SlapCountdown.com
Not Pictured: Jack Bauer

Real Life Use:

According to archived screenshots (see Reference), in the days leading up to the Slapsgiving episode, SlapCountdown.com was pointed to a site identical to how it was presented in the show: a plain black background with a countdown in
# Days   # Hours : # Minutes : # Seconds
format. But immediately after the air date and days before Thanksgiving itself, it was redirected to the official YouTube page for the show, with the ‘You Just Got Slapped’ video as the very first result.

The domain registration lapsed the following year and was registered by a How I Met Your Mother fan club where it stayed for a couple of years before it was used by a design firm and then registered by another private individual and pointed to a parking page set up by their registrar.

This appears to have been a mistake by the show, as their official show production Twitter account @HIMYMProd posted a tweet about their new domain TheSlapBetCountdown.com during season 7 just prior to the episode Disaster Averted [S07E09] where Barney adds three new slaps to his running total in order to free himself from the consequences of another bet – wearing a ducky tie.

After that episode, the countdown seems to have been dormant until being reactivated for the final Slapsgiving episode (Slapsgiving 3: Slappointment in Slapmara), and a countdown to the final slap of the series with the heading “One More…”

As always, information about these domains may change at any time and visitors should use caution when visiting them. Current information about both domains is available via the 3rd party links below.

In the meantime, enjoy the episodes related to these domains, and this November, have a happy Slapsgiving!


LegalPokerAruba.com – How I Met Your Mother [S09E05]

The extended wedding weekend that makes up season 9 of How I Met Your Mother is well underway by the time we get to episode 5, The Poker Game, containing the first website easter egg of the season and last of the series – LegalPokerAruba.com.


Introduced in the last episode, the bro-only poker game organized by best man Ted in Barney’s hotel room now includes Robin in the mix who adds expert poker player to her cigar smoking, whiskey drinking, hockey loving bro-dentials. The bride-to-be holds her own in a game that includes Project Runway’s Tim Gunn, The Karate Kid’s Billy Zabka, and obvious online poker pro Ranjit in full attire that includes indoor sunglasses, over sized headphones, and a trucker cap with the URL of poker site LegalPokerAruba.com.

Still, the game is fairly casual until Barney’s brother James, bitter over his own failed marriage, repeatedly insists on sprouting snarky asides about the institution of marriage in front of his matrimony bound fellow players. Annoyed, Robin makes a ‘Put Up or Shut Up’ move by betting her wedding ring and challenging James to do the same if he really doesn’t care about marriage. Backed into a corner, James accepts and subsequently loses his ring. Barney gamely attempts to get the ring back, but with her pride still hurt and feeling like Barney is choosing his family over her, Robin holds on to the ring until James brings in the big guns – his mother.

Tsk tsk Ranjit...those headphones clearly clash.
Tsk tsk Ranjit…those headphones clearly clash.

Real Life Use:

While the appearance of LegalPokerAruba.com is low-key in keeping with previous HIMYM websites, the network itself drew attention to it during the initial airing with a pop-up promo repeating the URL and directing viewers to the site. Taking viewers as it did outside of the episode, one wonders if the promo was done with the show producers blessing, or if the approval was more grudging in nature. Regardless, the show’s online designer team did themselves proud by pointing the domain to a full “Under Construction” promotional mockup of an off-shore gambling haven created by web magnate Barney Stinson (see also StinsonBreastReduction.com, LinsonBreastLawsuit.com, and BroBibs.com). The bro-chure site (see what I did there?) includes testimony from Barney’s fellow poker players and descriptions of poker game variations such as online strip poker and Barney favorite Xing Hai Shi Bu Xing.

Unfortunately, while the domain is still registered to 20th Century Fox, the site itself is no longer active. Archive.org’s last snapshot of the site took place in December 2014, and it doesn’t appear with the other HIMYM sites in the official How I Met Your Mother archive website. The domain itself is subject to change, but you can still view the archived version of the site and current information about the domain in the Archive.org and other links in the reference section below.


GradeMyTeacher.net – Evaluating architecture professors since 2010

Show & Episode:
How I Met Your Mother – Subway Wars (S06E04)

Context :
During a bar bet to determine which member of the group can get to a bar across town the fastest using different methods to see Woody Allen, the episode shows each person’s journey and why they need the win that day.

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