SpeyeStuff.com on Elementary

 SpeyeStuff.com used in Elementary

In Down Where the Dead Delight [S04E11], the explosion of a rigged body at the NYPD morgue lead Holmes and Watson to investigate recent arrivals for clues to the bomber. Looking into the strangling death of a drug dealing roller derby player, the duo go to her apartment where Holmes spots a newly installed cable outlet that looks out of place. Finding an identical spy camera on SpeyeStuff.com, his suspicions are confirmed when they go back for the camera and see the video of their next suspect installing it.

The site mock-up is briefly shown to highlight the product as a generic electronics-type site with white background, product page, shopping cart, and category navigation for other spy camera types.

Screenshot of SpeyeStuff.com
Screenshot of SpeyeStuff.com


Used Online:

This domain appeared to be registered by the show’s producers prior to the air date of the episode where it first appeared, but there is no record of it being used to point to a website – show related or otherwise. Current information about the domain can be found via the 3rd party links below, visitors should always use due caution when visiting any website.