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In Juliet Takes A Luvvah [S07E02], Gus turns to dating site after a long series of romantic misadventures to  a search for true love and finds a potential match with an Indian beauty who loves pie. Expressing concern for his friend’s safety, Shawn soon has a different reason to worry when they find a dating profile for Shawn’s girlfriend Jules. His romantic fears are alleviated, however, when he discovers that Jules is ‘only’ undercover to track down a serial killer by meeting with the men the victims had connections with on the site.

Later in the episode, Captain Vick brings in an expert from the website to fine-tune Jules’ profile to help catch the killer, but identifies him as a technician from Given that domain used in the graphic was registered by the parent company of the USA network and wasn’t, I believe this was just a mistake in the script or by the actor.

In the episode, the domain is used both on-screen and in casual discussion.

Screenshot of as seen on Psych
Screenshot of as seen on Psych

Used Online:

The domain did not appear to be registered or used in any way by the show at the time the episode aired. Current information about this domain can be found via the 3rd party links below, visitors should always use due caution when visiting any website.