– Another victim of free porn [S08E06]

When the question of maturity in a relationship turns out to have too many layers, Charlie learns to walk away despite being intrigued by However, it’s definitely not a case of puppy love for Charlie and real life visitors alike.

Show & Episode:

Two and a Half Men – Twanging Your Magic Clanger (S08E06)

How is used?

When Charlie discovers his date Michelle is four years older than him, he’s originally freaked out and unsure of seeing her again. After a talk with his brother Alan convinces him to focus on her other qualities, he goes to her home to let her that it’s not a problem. But when their evening is interrupted by Michelle’s 20-yr old daughter Shauna, Charlie’s discomfort comes back with a vengeance as the mother and daughter argue and Shauna shares details about her bisexuality, threesomes, and her need for money brought about by the impact of free porn on her webcam job.

Michelle reassures Shauna that she’s always be there no matter what, and Charlie uses the reconciliation to beat a quick retreat from the situation and his growing perverse attraction to them both. Telling himself that it’s wrong as he leaves, he still can’t resist trying to find the webcam site using

Would ShaunaSink be more or less disturbing?


The Domain

Where most shows register domains used in a episode at the beginning of its production cycle 3-4 months before the air date, was registered by the show a scant month before the episode aired, similar to what was done for years prior.

The website that the domain was registered to doesn’t appear in the episode, the audience is shown the back of the Charlie’s smart phone as he enters in the web address. But at the initial air date and for several years afterward, the producers set up a nice Easter egg for visitors. If you went to, you were redirected to a simple page that says exactly what the writers think of you (shown in this screenshot).

Also similar to what was done with, the domain was later redirected to a promotional site, in this case the official Facebook page for the show.

Current and historical information for the domain can be found via links in the Reference section below.