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In The Hurt Stalker [S02E08], Detextive Babineaux is accused of murder when an obsessive ex-girlfriend of his is killed in an underground parking lot. Using the victim’s habit of giving mocked up scrapbooks to each of her ex’s, Liv finds an SUV that appears in all the ones they know of and uses her new brain-derived stalker skills to find a reference to the license plate on local bicycling website Hoping it will lead to the SUV driver and original person in the photo, Liv posts to the website asking users to let her know if it’s spotted.

The website is briefly referenced and shown in the episode.

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This domain appeared to be registered by the show’s producers prior to the air date of the episode where it first appeared, but there is no record of it being used in any way to point to a website – show related or otherwise. Current information about the domain can be found via the 3rd party links below, visitors should always use due caution when visiting any website.