Screenshot of – Search for television’s Point of No Return

Summary: is a search engine website set in the television universe of Nikita

Show & Episode :

Nikita – The Guardian (S01E05)

Context :

When Nikita is informed that the head of the evil government organization known as Division is going on a rare trip into the field, she performs a search on for recent news on his intended destination Montreal to try to determine what he’s up to.

Screenshot of
Rejected alternatives: SearchSportCoat, SearchLapels, and SearchTuxedoTShirt

Breakdown :

The Domain

WHOIS shows the domain registered by Warner Bros. Entertainment. It’s currently not pointing to a website and times out in the browser. Overall it’s a good generic name for a search engine,

The Website

In the shown website, the production designers were obviously emulating the stripped down Google look. However, they must have been worried that having “SEARCH” as part of the domain wouldn’t be enough because the page has a sub-heading of “search engine” beneath the non-logo. You know, just in case Pierce Hawthorne makes an appearance and needs to know what he’s typing into.

And it really would have helped if they’d thrown that out in favor of a quick logo.  A set of binoculars wearing a suit, or a magnifying glass driving a Ferrari. Something. But at this point it’s still early in the first season, if they use fictional websites later on it’ll be interesting to see if they get more elaborate.


  • WayoMichael

    I’m still watching Nikita and it’s an awesome movie. Birkoff and Michael are my stars.

  • Lol, I also saw from Nikita

  • Doug W. Koehler

    You all know there was another show called La Femme Nikita and a movie?

  • peky

    I need to use this search engine for my research. Please if you have any idea on how to do so contact me. Regards

    • FictionURL

      If you’re referring to, the company that produces NIkita decided not to do anything with the domain so it doesn’t exist. If you’re referring to THIS site (, we’re in the process of updating our site and have a search function that will bring up all the pages in the site. Otherwise if you want to see all domain names used with Nikita you can go to the Nikita category page at . Sorry for the late reply, hope this helps!

  • Anarsy

    Wow! I enjoy watching Nikita,Alex,Seymour birkhoff n Percy.

  • ShadowWalker

    Nikita is an awesome movie. Most of all Seymour birkhoff and Percy are my stars.

  • suliat

    Nikita is very interesting and absolutely perfect in everything.I feel like watching it forever,its a job well done.

  • ciscomake

    Nikita is the best!!!!!!

  • Dw.

    I’m new to watching her but enjoying it very much. The action is even gripping my husband and now we are watching her together. Nikita is awesome

  • bee

    i love watchin nikita actually im addicted to nikita oh n micheal (shane west) is so hot.

  • I love watching Nikita.

    • T-Text

      I held off watching for the longest time because of my fondness for the original film La Femme Nikita and to a lesser extent Point of No Return. But they really took the premise and made it their own.