Screen capture for – A shrine to gothy goodness [CAUTION]

Summary: is a personal website set in the NCIS television universe

Show & Episode:

NCIS – Bloodbath (S03E21)

The NCIS team investigates a gruesome crime scene in a hotel commonly used by Navy temps containing blood and parts from multiple victims but with no actual bodies. But as the investigation puts members of the team in danger, they begin to suspect that the real target is among them.

How is used?

When the NCIS team suspects that fellow team member Abby Sciuto is in danger, they look into her background and discover a restraining order against an obsessive ex-boyfriend who cleans crime scenes and who had registered as a web shrine to her.

Screen capture for
The domain that sparked hundreds of NCIS / Dark Angel crossover fanfics



I really wanted to see a mockup of the website for this domain on screen. With lots of animated GIFs of hearts with bat wings fluttering around Abby’s giant smiling head and an appropriately gothic MIDI file playing in the background. Unfortunately, not only was its use restricted to a quick gag (funny though it was), but the producers didn’t even bother to register it.

That’s right, the domain most associated with one of the show’s most popular characters first appears in TWO days after the original air date, although with the time lag it was likely registered the same day with the snapshot occurring days later.

Additional snapshots of the domain from 2006-2011 show that the domain was parked with no additional content on the landing page. However, going to the domain NOW (WARNING – NSFW) brings up a significantly more adult landing page with affiliate links and a for sale link at the bottom.

If I were the producers, I would have not only registered this before the air date, but trademarked it as well and slapped it on t-shirts, coffee mugs, panties, etc. These days, they are much more proactive about registering domains used in their shows, but they still miss a few. This is a early example of where it turned out to be a hugely wasted opportunity.