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by Karl Thornton on August 17, 2012

An offhanded suggestion by Charlie provides new hands-on material for Alan and a fun easter egg for viewers in the form of

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Two and a Half Men - Twanging Your Magic Clanger (S08E06)

How is Used On-Screen?

Needing a little privacy at home in case the night’s big date with his dermatologist goes well, Charlie goes to Alan’s room to ask if he can disappear for the night. Walking in he discovers Alan alone, naked, with his laptop before scurrying to the side of the bed.

A few extremely awkward minutes later, Charlie gets his agreement for absence from Alan. As he’s leaving, he recommends that Alan checks out Alan types it in, and the scene ends with “Oh. Yikes.”

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Clang, clang, clang went the Alan. Ding, ding, ding went his bell….


The Domain

Where most shows register domains used in a episode at the beginning of its production cycle 3-4 months before the air date, the WHOIS results for shows it was registered a scant month before the episode aired, similar to what was done for years prior.

The website that the domain was registered to doesn’t appear in the episode, the audience is shown the back of the laptop as Alan enters in the address. But the producers set up a nice Easter egg for the domain. If you go to, you are redirected to a simple page set up on the official Warner Bros. site specifically for Two and a half Men that says exactly what the writers think of you.

This site shouldn’t be confused with the official show page on CBS, or the promotional page for the show DVDs set up on the WB network site that currently redirects to. In fact, if the producers stay true to form, they’ll probably redirect the domain to the DVD page in a couple of years as well. Which is understandable, even if it does get rid of a nice gag.


I won’t further ruin the surprise with a screenshot or full description, just go visit. It’s a great quick gag.

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