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In the two part season seven finale, Lily goes into labor while Barney and father-to-be Marshall are trapped in Atlantic City. Ted, Robin, and Lily trade stories to keep Lily distracted while waiting for Marshall, while the boys try various schemes to get to the hospital. Eventually, they all make it in time for the arrival of the newest member of the Eriksen clan.

Show & Episode:

How I Met Your Mother – The Magician’s Code (S07E23)


With Lily dealing labor pains and Robin offering her animal husbandry skills, Ted offers his own solution to Lily’s problem: a kick ass labor announcement email containing a video with a slightly Ted-riffic perspective.

Haaaaaaavvvvvvvvvvveeeeeee you met Head?


Registered by Twentieth Century Fox approximately 2 months prior to air date, the fine writers and technical staff at How I Met Your Mother have once again shared their internet in-joke with the world by setting up as a “full” site.

While the episode just showed the first 15 seconds in full screen view, the live site has a Team Baby background and shows the full minute. In the context of someone just setting up a personal destination page for a single element like a video, the presentation is perfect. And the video is a short masterpiece of background, sincere congratulations, and misguided perspective. You need to go check it out. Now. Seriously.

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