Screenshot of – Distress call for Captain Code!

Show & Episode : NCIS – Secrets (S09E15)

Context :
After a Navy Captain is shot dead in a florist shop, an investigation by the NCIS team turns up his membership in a real life super hero group that may have lead to his death. While explaining the superhero community to his co-workers, McGee brings up as the website of the group the deceased belonged as ‘Captain Code’ up on the office monitor.

Screenshot of
Good domain. Better one?

Is it real?
WHOIS shows the domain is currently registered by CBS Studios, but it doesn’t point to an existing site. Based on recent news stories of real-life super hero groups, it looks like the NCIS writers had a lot of fun with this episode with several actors wearing fun and distinctive costumes. Which obviously took up all their budget, because this website is as basic as you get. Really? You need to design a site devoted to a subject as geeky as REAL LIFE SUPERHEROES, and this is what you come up with? A URL in large font and picture grid? Have you SEEN geek sites? We got skillz! We’re all about the coding and Photoshop. Well, not this site. But other, better sites! I know it’s a quick 5 second shot, but I hate to see this on a show with so many other good examples.

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