2nd screenshot of CharlieHarperSucks.com

CharlieHarperSucks.com – The most winning devil ever [S02E11]

Hell hath no fury like a webmaster scorned, and while the evidence has been buried via redirect to the show’s DVD site you can still find it if you know where to look.

Show & Episode:

Two and a Half Men – Last Chance To See Those Tattoos (S02E11)

How is CharlieHarperSucks.com used?

After the tavern target of his affections turns the tables by revealing his standard pick-up lines and moves before leaving in a fit of laughter, Charlie Harper suspects that one of his previous conquests is spreading the word about him. Suspicions that turn out to be true when a Google search on his name turns up CharlieHarperSucks.com, a site devoted to exposing all his dating secrets.

1st screenshot for CharlieHarperSucks.com
Ah, old Google. How I miss you


The Domain

Original WHOIS records for the CharlieHarperSucks.com (current WHOIS link in Reference section below, may no longer show original registration) shows that it was registered roughly a month before the initial air date of the episode by Warner Bros, which is less than the usual 3-4 month lead time but the decision to have fun with the domain may have been a last minute one.

From the first airing till sometime between April and June of 2008, Archive.org shows that the domain name was pointed to a very close version of the site shown on screen, which contains a ridiculous amount of content (more in Website below.) It was later redirected to the show’s DVD page, and then the Warner Bros. Media To Go website.

The Website

Go to the cached version of this site courtesy of Archive.org. I’ll wait.

 <20 minutes later>

The design for this website within the context (design by psycho ex) and limitations of the presentation (seconds long screen time) is spot on. The header contains the site name in bold black block lettering. The flame motif with the horizontal bar and rectangular beveled buttons with flaming mouseovers. All surrounding the centerpiece – an large animated GIF of Charlie turning into the devil with a scrolling flame background. An excellent job all around.

2nd screenshot of CharlieHarperSucks.com
Hidden in the footer: Web Design by Chuck Lorre

If you compare the TV version with what was posted online, there are some differences. The Chat Room, Contact Us, Anti-Charlie T-Shirts and Links to Other Cads were replaced with Archives, Word Scramble, Poetry Corner, Top 10 List, and Links. But if you’re a fan of the show, it’s worth your time to click through and read the pages through the eyes of the many women Charlie has dated through the seasons.

I understand why they eventually redirected the domain name, after 4 years it’s obviously a case of diminishing returns and they might as well try to get some sales out of it. But it’s such an interesting artifact of the series they should reconsider or at the very least post a link to a copy of the site elsewhere on the show page. A wonderful example of a website referenced in an episode that provides deeper insight in multiple mediums.

Current and historical information for the domain can be found via links in the Reference section below.



  • FictionURL

    Thx Saggy & Bruno – Don’t know who guy from Brazil is, but thanks. This is a great example of using domain names as easter eggs in TV, wish they’d kept it up. See http://www.fictionurl.com/shaunashower-com/ on this site for another great example of the Two and a Half writers having fun.

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    hahaha! Charlie Harper sucks!! hahaha!!

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    thnks a lot man for providing the link to “wayback machine and CHsucks” :p
    its of gr8 use…….thnks again!! 🙂

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