Screenshot for – Exposing the truth behind tight fitting jeans

Summary: is a political website set in the television universe of 30 Rock

Show & Episode:

30 Rock – Brooklyn Without Limits (S05E07)

Context :

When TGS show-runner Liz Lemon finds the perfect pair of jeans at her local BWL (Brooklyn Without Limits) clothing store, she proudly holds up their progressive values as an example of a business with a social conscious. But after Jack Donaghy informs her that the chain is owned by Halliburton, she finds a series of websites including that tell a different story altogether.

Screenshot for
Do these jeans make the asshat look big?


The Domain

WHOIS shows the domain as registered to the General Electric corporation. Unfortunately they didn’t take the opportunity to direct it to 30 Rock’s photo page or a copy of the site as shown. As a domain for an expose-type website, the selection of is an excellent choice.

The Website

As usual the art department at 30 Rock did a excellent job on the mockup for the site. For something that has an on-screen time of all of 3 seconds, it contains all the elements you would expect for a website devoted to exposing the shady business practices of an outwardly progressive business.

  • Navigation – With the usual log-in links in the upper right corner, I like the main navigation bar section links with the callback reference to ‘Slave Labor Stories’ and ‘Random Truth’. I think every expose and news site should have a ‘I feel lucky’ link for factual non sequiturs.
  • Main Article – Shown as written by social activist Howard Zinn, the article is a nice tongue-in-cheek blend of conspiracy and expose.
  • Logo – The logo smartly uses the context to combine the “official” logo of the BWL chain with TRUTH. Using a rougher font with a darker red for the “Truth” portion would have made for a better contrast, but it works without it.
  • Photo – Dick Cheney in tight jeans…the sentences I type for this blog. The coloring and proportions in the image make it a somewhat obvious Photoshop job, but completely acceptable for the short viewing time.

It’s possible that that use of real people in this mockup kept the domain from being redirected to a photo or recreation of the site. Which is too bad, as it’s a nice example of blink and you’ll miss it craftsmanship.