Screenshot for (S03E14) – Premium membership? Worth every penny.

[Warning – Semi NSFW]

Dean Winchester is a busy man. Continually on the road with his brother Sam, hunting monsters and other things that go bump in the night. So when he gets a little…anxious…he doesn’t always have time to find local companionship at a nearby bar. Sometimes he has to take matters into his own hands. So to speak. And that’s where comes in.

Show & Episode:

Supernatural – Multiple Episodes

How is Used On-Screen?

Starting with a quick throwaway joke in the middle of season 2, Dean’s favorite porn website has become part of his background history and a running gag in the series. It is referenced in three separate episodes, although since it could be argued that the third time isn’t technically a website, it’s tied with for number of times used in the series.

Tall Tales (S02E15)

An investigation into a series of unusual campus murders is momentarily sidetracked when Sam is unable to use his frozen laptop to research the history of the murder scene. Sam asks if Dean was using his laptop, but knows the answer based on the website it’s frozen on –

Screenshot for (S02E15)
You could have at least cleaned the laptop afterwards

Long-Distance Call (S03E14)

In a small Ohio town, people are receiving calls from their deceased loved ones before ending up dead themselves. Investigating the originating phone number, Sam and Dean go to the offices of the Ohio Phone Company where they are referred to a technician who on their arrival is busy closing out porn windows. Sam notices one of the windows is, and recommends getting the membership as it’s “worth every penny”. The site is shown briefly on the tech’s computer screen.

Screenshot for (S03E14)
Insert pop-up joke here…

Lazarus Rising (S04E01)

On his mysterious return from hell, Dean raids a nearby closed gas station for food and cash when he notices a copy of his favorite porn site in magazine form. The URL isn’t shown on the cover, but it does extend the Beauties franchise into a true multimedia empire.

Screenshot for (S04E01)
The magazine selection at the dentist office is improving


Behind the Scenes:


Registered by Warner Bros. Entertainment a couple of months prior to its initial appearance, the producers decided not to point the domain name to a given address, it currently comes up as ‘Server Not Found’. Understandable considering the subject matter, they could have pointed back to the show page without further comment but that might have raised more questions and this is one of the few situations where I think they did the right thing in registering it and leaving it unconfigured.


Only shown in season three, the website for primarily consists of the main graphic featuring two of the beauties in question, with the URL serving as the footer, and the header contains the initial interactive elements: Age Verification, Member Login, and the Premium Membership option button. A real-life version of the site would include more features and enticements instead of limiting itself to a single graphic, but for a three second exposure it does its job well in setting up and selling the gag.



Last shown in season four and going into season eight; I think the writers have milked this gag for all it’s worth. I do have to admit that the racial element makes me wince a bit, and hope that if they have Dean “borrowing the laptop” in the future that they use a more generic domain name. Also, have him use a site that’s less prone to viruses and pop-ups. Safe surfing protects us all.

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