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Seemingly oblivious to Robin’s attempts to get him back during old-timey flashbacks, Barney comes up with his latest bro-spired masterpiece available both on the show and in real life (temporarily) at

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How I Met Your Mother – Lobster Crawl (S08E09)

How is Used On-Screen?

After a condiment couture tragedy takes out his favorite tie Cornelius, Barney Stinson comes up with an idea to keep his bros from meeting a similar fate while putting on a lobster bib – BroBibs! Suitable for wear over suits and other bro clothing, several examples such as the Business Casual, the Preppy, and the Robin Williams are shown during a sales pitch that includes the website and a disclaimer that BroBibs is not affiliated with or a copy of Dude Aprons.

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Future designs include the Front Butt and Muffin Top

Behind the Scenes:


At this point, the HIMYM production team is well known for mentioning a domain name and creating a functioning website that is either briefly shown or left for internet-savvy viewers to discover on their own. Here, they’ve done it again with a few more Easter eggs added.

Visitors to (go ahead, I’ll wait) are presented with a very simple grid based site with a large logo header and ten BroBib products for visitors to “purchase” beneath. But in addition, at the top of the Products section is the disclaimer for Dude Aprons given by Barney at the end of his pitch that includes a link to a whole other site – A completely separate one-page site with its own domain, there aren’t any actual Dude Aprons shown. The focus is on anti-BroBib info and “fun facts” primarily created to bust Barney’s balls. I would normally consider creating a separate page for the domain name, but it isn’t actually said or shown in the episode.

Going back to the BroBibs site, visitors have the option of clicking the “Buy Now” button for any of the ten products shown. What actually comes up is a larger version of the image with a large SOLD OUT heading, product discription, and a CLICK HERE TO WIN ONE! button that goes to an actual contest on the main HIMYM site that gives viewers a chance to chance to win an actual bib.

*** NOTE: Contest ends 12/07/2012, so I would go to soon if you’re interested.

So, two for one websites and a chance to win an accessorized bib! Normally I’m happy if the production company just points the mentioned URL to the show’s official site, but once again HIMYM takes a clever and funny concept and runs with it in the show and beyond.


WHOIS records show that was registered 3 months prior to air, and was registered roughly a month after BroBibs (see Reference section below). Which would seem to indicate that the webmasters did first, and thought of adding as a fun extra afterwards. To which I say, well done sirs (or ladies.)

A quick word of caution: At one point, BroBib obsessed Lily mentions that she and Robin should start their own company featuring bibs for ladies called BitchBibs. was registered by a private individual the following day after the episode aired, and does not appear to be affiliated with How I Met Your Mother or 20th Century Fox.


My only complaint is I would have liked to have seen Ted’s blue plaid flannel with white undershirt bib among the product selections. They could have called it ‘Have You Met Bib?” Feel free to post your ideas for bro bibs in the comments below!


  • anonymous

    Surprised there is no pirate. Yar!

    • FictionURL

      There definitely needs to be a BroBibs Woot with pirate products!

  • nightfall

    The Nerd, have it be a Star Trek uniform (The Alien Fodder option would be red, of course).

    • FictionURL

      Sweet! Yah, the sci-fi possibilities alone are endless.

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      • nightfall

        Geeks open a whole new revenue source there, Doctor Who with the bow tie and jacket or the crazy scarf one, C3PO, R2D2, pretty much any Woot.shirt or ThinkGeek tshirt.

  • amandat

    How about a cleavage filled, “distract your bros,” bib?

    • FictionURL

      It would pair well with the bikini shirt Robin wore in the 2nd season’s Atlantic City episode!