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by Karl Thornton on September 8, 2012

In the season nine premiere of Two and a Half Men, Alan says goodbye to his brother and hello to Walden Schmidt, the billionaire responsible for making the Zune the massively successful iPod killer it is through the sheer popularity of

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Two and a Half Men- Nice to Meet You, Walden Schmidt (S09E01)

How is used?

After the untimely death of his brother Charlie Harper, Alan takes some time to say goodbye over his ashes and is on his way to spread them over the nearby beach when he is surprised at the glass patio door by soaking wet billionaire Walden Schmidt.

Finding out that Walden’s condition is due to an abortive suicide attempt over the separation from his wife, Alan invites him to a nearby local bar to convince him that his life isn’t so bad. What with the being tall, good looking, smart, and rich. Over drinks, Alan can’t help but ask how Walden became a billionaire and Walden reveals that he developed an application/website called that was purchased by Microsoft for 1.3 billion dollars and bundled with the Zune – never to be heard of again.

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The Domain

WHOIS search results for show that the domain name was registered a little under two months prior to the episode premiere by the show producers (Warner Bros.). Unfortunately, due to either lack of time or interest they chose not to direct the domain to either a gag page like or to their show DVD page like The domain is currently unconfigured, and trying to go to it returns a “Server Not Found” error message.

In a later episode (The War Against Gingivitis), it’s revealed that the domain was chosen because it’s the sound Walden’s business partner makes while Walden is choking him.

I’m curious if the explanation for the domain name was originally meant to be included in the pilot and was edited for time and used later, or if they came up with the domain on the fly (Quick! Something silly and unregistered!) and decided to reference it again as a quick gag later in the season. If I get a chance to watch the episode again on DVD, I’ll check the commentary for an explanation and update accordingly.

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