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Ever see or hear a website, domain, or URL on your favorite television show and wonder if it was real and what was behind it? Us too! And that was the genesis of FictionURL, a blog devoted to exploring television’s fictional internet through commentary and criticism.

Each blog post is titled with the URL discussed or shown on the show, with context of how it was presented and a discussion of how the site or URL was handled in the real world. As posts are added, they are categorized by their shows and the networks they originally aired on and tagged according to how they are presented.

We’re just starting out, but as the site expands you’ll see not only posts about individual sites and URLs, but informational pages devoted to the many ways the internet is handled by shows, networks, and production companies.

Part pop culture, part website design and administration, and part pure snark – we hope you’ll find us an interesting read! Thanks for stopping by!

The FictionURL Team

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    Thanks! I still have a lot to do (especially learning to respond to comments more quickly), but I appreciate the comment and encouragement!

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    Hey, I find your website is an excellent idea, and really original ! I wish you all the best with it 🙂

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